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[TRUTH SERUM] Why I Write Fantasy

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"Why I Write Fantasy"

I've always been a big fan of the fantasy genre--it's what you'll find me drowning myself in while looking through books, movies, my favorite video games, and most of all, in my writing.

But what truly gives fantasy a momentum? Where does it all begin?

He's cute, he's mean, and he's purple!

My Start

My journey as a fantasy writer began at the humble age of six when I first got my hands on a PlayStation and got a chance to play the game series "Spyro the Dragon," (very much credited as my first game) where the worlds were vast and the characters were just the same. I was taken by the atmosphere that this platformer had to offer, and every moment, every exploration, was an adventure just waiting to be unraveled.

By the time that my days of Spyro were completed, I had moved on to broader aspects and picked up Grimm fairy tales. See, I'd always loved Disney's tales, but to see the other side of the spectrum at age ten, now that was an unexpected hike up the mountain. But it gave me perspective on darker themes, ones that I was willing to explore.

Phase three came in just one year later with not one, but two entries: "Spirited Away" by Studio Ghibli and "Kingdom Hearts" by Squaresoft (later Square Enix.) Spirited Away was a movie that took my breath away with its glorious world-building and atmospheric story, whereas Kingdom Hearts gave me amazing characters, a sense of nostalgia drawing into Disney, and a newfound love for Final Fantasy that would later come to consume my love of the RPG genre. Blending these elements together helped me to get a start as a writer.

My Growth

There was much for me to uncover when deciding that I wanted to write novels for a living. The first, having a purpose, which was always clear from the start: to inspire others to create something truly magical with their own hands. 

That purpose gave me my genre immediately--fantasy. Everyone loves to step into a world unlike their own. A sweet escape from the reality that binds us to an order we may not agree with. We are able to conjure our own worlds to live in, and some of us are fortunate enough to make them a reality.

The day that I opened myself up to the world as a fantasy writer, I knew that my purpose would only grow as I took the necessary steps, and watched my worlds blossom beyond even my comprehension. It was truly mystifying to see others becoming engrossed in the ideas of shaping one world from another, and traversing through time, space, wonder, reason, and so much more to form them.

I love creating. I love being a Creator, an Arcana, a Gravekeeper, and many more titles that will one day make claims on my heart as I advance and craft more entries in my personal adventure log.


With all that knowledge in mind, I never got to the root of this blog. Why do I write fantasy?

I write fantasy because it allows an escape to another world, where dragons roam the skies, pixies flutter through the trees, barely in our sights, and the mystics become truth. We all deserve to believe in something and make it real. 

I write fantasy to show others that your dreams deserve to be real, whether you make it yourself or show it. Let your world prosper. Seek out hidden treasures. Find your person. Hunt down your prey. Solve your mysteries to life. Discover change in yourself.

And continue to shine.

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