Thursday, December 7, 2017


Title: Dawning Ascent (The Pearson Prophecy Book 1)

Author: Jen L. Grey

Genre: YA Fantasy/Romance

Release Date: December 7, 2017

Cover design: Eden Elements


Power comes with a price.

Treated like an outcast in her own kingdom, Ariah learned to live in the shadows. As she comes into her powers, she catches the eye of her life long crush and an unlikely ally. Trusting either of them could help her along a dangerous journey…or could bring her journey to a dangerous end.

When enemies come to light and distrust spreads, Ariah’s safety is put in jeopardy. If she places her trust in the wrong people, her hidden powers will be unveiled to those who wish to use them against her. To survive, Ariah must learn who has her best interests at heart. If she chooses wrong, it could mean not only her own death, but the crumbling of the entire country.

Game of Thrones meets Practical Magic in DAWNING ASCENT, a coming of age fantasy read for adults and young adults alike!

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Author Bio:

Reading has always been one of my favorite hobbies, even as a little girl. When I was a toddler, my parents would read stories to me over and over. I would hear them so often that I had the books memorized and could recite the story word by word.

The past year, I started having stories stuck in my head and finally decided to start writing. My favorite genres are fantasy, paranormal, and contemporary romance. So of course that's what I'm inclined to write.

I have a husband, two young daughters, and a mini Australian Shepherd. I've lived in Tennessee the majority of my life and love the state.

I'm extremely addicted to caffeine and enjoy drinking coffee and lattes.

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A Shorthand Review:

I'm currently about 40% through this book as I type this, and so far, what appeals to me the most is the magical aspect and the social classes rather than the budding romance between our heroine Ariah and Prince Nicholas. I'm always interested in the art of defying the "chosen one" trope, and Ariah seems to unravel it, as she isn't the one to fit the bill when compared to her younger sister Emmeryn. 

I also was a bit drawn into Logan, the oldest child of the family, in part because of my own younger brother (with the same name), and the hope that he grows into someone willing to define his nature and be protective of his family.

The social classes of the royal family and the "chosen one's" family often show a difference of skill, mainly due to the princess's virtues towards those she deems unworthy. It is like pouring salt on an open wound. And there is much still left to go, which leaves me waiting with bated breath!

So far, I give the story a 4/5 due to its rather slow start and its need to progress in many aspects aside from Ariah's normal life and those around her.

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