Friday, March 31, 2017

[PROMO POST] The Caging At Deadwater Manor

Hey there, mass-burners! 

Do you like a suspense-filled novel? If so, I’ve got a treat for you. My friend Sandie Will has just published her debut novel The Caging at Deadwater Manor and it is a treasure.

Time is running out for Jeannie, a young girl taken against her will by staff at Deadwater Manor - a psychiatric hospital with an unscrupulous past. 

Inspired by true events, this is a captivating story where Jeannie shares her heart-wrenching experience while getting treatments that will make you cringe. Jeannie’s story takes you on a disturbing, edge-of-your seat nightmare that will prey on your psyche for years to come. 

My friend Sandie Will’s new novel is available TODAY ONLY from Amazon Kindle (which will be available later) for just $2.99!

Click here to grab your copy now! 

Friday, March 10, 2017

[BOOK REVIEW] The Rite of Wands

The Rite of Wands
Mackenzie Flohr

One boy…one Rite… And a world of deadly secrets that could change the course of history—forever

And so begins the tale of Mierta McKinnon. When a horrible fate reveals itself during his Rite of Wands ceremony, he must find a way to change not only his destiny but also the land of Iverna’s.

Forbidden from revealing the future he foresees to anyone, he is granted a wand and his magical powers, but still must master the realm of magic in order to save himself and those he loves.

But Mierta is not the only one with secrets… especially when it’s impossible to know who to trust.

I had the pleasure of joining the beta-team for "The Rite of Wands," and was given the chance to review the book! I figured that since I've been so inactive after starting up a new novel to write, it was time for me to get back into the swing of things.

For my review, I broke this story down into three separate categories: the good, the bad, and the ‘meh’ as a whole. This does not pertain to any sequels, prequels or midquels (if applicable).
Let the games begin!